Important agreement PADI-TSSF in Turkey

The 21st June 2016 will remain an important date in PADI history: PADI and TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation) have signed the agreement for the diving activities in Turkey.

This is an important step for the diving industry, below the email sent to all PADI Turkish Members:



Dear PADI Members,

We are pleased to announce that PADI Instructors in Turkey now no longer have to hold both a TSSF-CMAS Instructor certification as well as a PADI Instructor certification in order to teach PADI courses.

As of the 21st June 2016, PADI Instructors will receive an official Dive Instructor Licence and be able to register themselves to Authorised Dive Centres in Turkey with their ISO, CEN and EUF accredited instructor certification, which gives them the right to teach legally in many countries. This is an important development and milestone for PADI and the Turkish Dive Industry as a whole.

Further details regarding the exact procedures for PADI Instructors to begin to teach according to this new protocol will be explained in the near future, once the protocol has been published. PADI will continue to advise and update the Turkish Membership as these changes and developments are made.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation President, Sahin Ozen, Vice President, Samil Aktas and the TSSF Board of Directors for their contributions in making this protocol possible and acknowledge the valuable assistance of PADI Course Director and Administrative Representative, Asutay Akbayir, who has conducted key negotiations with TSSF-CMAS in coordination with the PADI Office. He has played an important role in helping us achieve this significant milestone.

Best Regards,